portraits made for the 9ART show 'fragility'

The routes and roads on maps remind me of the network of veins that bleed through our bodies.


But this series on maps is primarily a reference to the old way of finding our way. Literally, but also figuratively. With a road map on your lap finding the best route from your home to your holiday address, or organizing your appointments, via that junction to the next meeting. You were 'in touch' with the route.

Further back in time our ancestors were really connected with the world, above and below; the stars. the moon, the position of the sun. That's how they found their way. They were part of what surrounded them, connected with their tribe, flora and fauna, the sea, the seasons, with everything. Now my navigation tells me which route to choose. In fact, I don't even know which places I pass. If my navigation fails and my cell phone is empty, I feel vulnerable. I have no idea where I am. It's no longer the position of the sun, even the map is no longer my tool. Technology shows me the way. Magnificent. But also insidious. Before you know it you are lost.


Our current world with new technological developments offers enormous possibilities, but at the same time we have more trouble than ever before to stay in touch with ourselves, or if you like, to find the way to our own identity, our Self. And that makes us vulnarable...

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