My route

Originally I am a communication expert. I think in images. Painting is my passion though. In 2019 I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium and I will continue to specialize in portrait art for two more years. 


From 2001 to 2012 I lived with my family in Altea, a small artists' village on the Costa Blanca. During a summer painting course with a young local artist (Ignacio Lloret LLedo - Universidad de Bellas Artes Valencia) I was completely taken by painting. I have been both self-taught and under the care of classically trained artists, including Ignacio and Marc Meyer (Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp), both have their studio on the Costa Blanca.


After more than 11 years in Spain, we returned mid-2012 with a huge backpack of experiences; it was not always easy, but this hefty detour filled me with new insights. 


Once back in the Netherlands, I have explicitly opted for painting by registering at the Academy of Fine Arts. 

2010 - present
2010 - present

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